Quick and effective treatment against mosquitoes

The most reliable anti-mosquito treatment for your small and medium-sized outdoor spaces. Mosquitoes are resistant and persistent parasites that other than ruining your moments of relaxation outdoors, they also vectors of dangerous diseases. The most requested treatment by Mosquito Buster’s customers is the barrier treatment program, which creates a real barrier against mosquitoes.


The barrier treatment is ideal for those who have gardens or courtyards of normal sizes, and are only seeking for temporary relief. Applied by Mosquito Buster’s professionals in all outdoor areas of your property, this solution is very reliable, eliminates mosquitoes in contact, and continues to protect you for up to 14 days, depending on the climate and rainfall. For optimal protection, a continuous intervention throughout the summer, every 14 days is recommended.

Mosquito Busters will personally warn you that your protection is about to end and that it is time for a new intervention. Also, your presence at home during the treatment will not be necessary. Mosquito Busters protects your family and pets from the danger of mosquitoes by focusing on the areas of your property where they harvest and breed. Once the intervention has been carried out, the Mosquito Busters barrier treatment continues to protect due to the residual activity of the insecticide applied.


The daily effort of every Mosquito Buster is aimed at offering a reliable mosquito pest control service in every aspect. Find your local dealer and stop mosquito bites in your garden.


Outdoor Misting Systems

Our state-of-the art MB Mozguard 21 automated outdoor misting systems are capable of solving the problem of mosquitoes by reducing the population up to 95%. They are the absolute game changer when it comes to complete and continuous mosquito relief during the entire outdoor season, and are completely safe for your pets and loved ones. If you have a rather large back yard and want to go back again to enjoying the pleasures of a family barbeque or quiet evening drink without being bitten by annoying mosquitoes, an automatic outdoor misting system might be what you need.


A larvicidal treatment helps you limit the growth of mosquitoes in your garden. If your garden has sources of stagnant water or areas that may be suitable for the reproduction of mosquitoes, the Mosquito Busters’ larvicidal treatment will help eliminate this, preventing the transformation of larvae into adult mosquitoes.

Special Events

Are you planning an outdoor wedding, graduation party, birthday party or any other event in your beautiful garden? If yes, do not let the annoying mosquitoes ruin a special moment and keep them away from your guests. Therefore, make your special event special by hiring the service of Mosquito Busters.


Do you want to say goodbye to those annoying mosquitoes that take away the tranquility of your environment? Please fill in the boxes with your details and the reason for the request and you will be contacted by your local Mosquito Buster.