Passion, reliability, and quality products

We are the only brand in Europe that specializes and dedicates itself exclusively to mosquito control. Mosquito Busters have three keywords: passion, reliability, quality.

Daily, our teams are busy liberating families, hotels, restaurants, and many others from annoying and biting mosquitoes. Our success is based on our years of field experience combined with the implementation of the best technology and equipment available to guarantee that every customer will enjoy their outdoor living space in complete serenity. Moreover, thanks to the Mosquito Busters professional service; now, you can stop worrying about Zika, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, West-Nile and Yellow Fever as well as other diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes which can potentially be dangerous for you and your family.

Mosquito Pest Control

The daily effort of every Mosquito Buster is aimed at offering a reliable 360 degrees total mosquito pest control service in every aspect: it all starts with the relationship with the customer and their demands and requests to the treatment service that follows, always executed with the safest and eco-friendliest mosquito pest control insecticides available on the market today. By treating your property with the utmost respect and professionalism, a Mosquito Buster takes care of the environment the same way. Using only green and bio-degradable products, it will not pollute the environment nor create hazardous situations to people and other animals other than mosquitoes, protecting even the bees that are precious for our ecosystem.

Mosquito Busters operate throughout Europe with a network of franchise-agents and exclusive franchisees that are always available to give you all the information you need to analyze your problem and decide how to intervene.

Exceptional partnerships

The quality of service, the proposed solutions, and the substances or materials that we use are fundamental in the daily battle for the eradication of mosquitoes. Therefore, thanks to our partnerships with leading companies in the market, Mosquito Busters can offer high-quality and safe solutions to you, your loved ones, and your environment.


An automated outdoor misting system permanently solves the problem of mosquitoes by continuously reducing the population up to 95%. The MB Mozguard 21 is our own state-of he art in-house produced misting system that does just that. Fully certified and build with the best components available on the market it is the most reliable system avaliable. If you have a rather large back garden and want continuous and highly effective mosquito prevention, an automatic outdoor misting system might just be what you need.


Do you want to say goodbye to those annoying mosquitoes that take away the tranquility of your environment? Please fill in the boxes with your details and the reason for the request and you will be contacted by your local Mosquito Buster.