Start eliminating mosquitoes and other unwanted parasites in your area! We offer you complete training and support! Join the Mosquito Busters team and help homeowners and businesses finally enjoy their outdoor spaces once again!
Open up your own new business in the “Outdoor” sector by choosing one of the fastest growing industries in Southern Europe! If you’re looking for a part-time or full-time business opportunity that will guarantee you yearly recurring revenues, Mosquito Busters is the answer. Many owners of private and commercial properties invest lots of money in areas for outdoor leisure. Our mission is to ensure that these people can enjoy their garden, pool, gazebo or veranda throughout the year without the annoying presence of mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

Our services can also ensure that there are no unwanted guests during special events!

Our exclusive and non-exclusive dealerships

In part due to the ever growing mosquito nuisance as well as the recent news about mosquito-spread diseases such as Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue, mosquito pest control is experiencing a rapid growth because it is not only seen as an affordable luxury, but more so as a preventative method that deals with health problems. Thanks to all these developments, an exclusive or non-exclusive Mosquito Buster dealership is currently one of best businesses to start-up as more and more people and businesses are in need of our services.

Opportunities and solutions

  • Multiple revenue flows – There are two different revenue opportunities available to franchise owners: The installation and annual maintenance of our MB Mozguard 21, Automatic Misting Systems and the Barrier Treatment programs . Each of them has a different selling price that allows you to attract all owners of every kind of property or business that are looking for pest control of their outdoor areas.
  • Multiple solutions for our customers – we offer several choices to our customers, which include both disinfestation and totally natural solutions for those customers who are looking for a natural and ecological approach.

Training and development

Is Mosquito Busters the right business for you?
Open an activity without having the necessary professionalism or without someone who takes care of your training on how to open a dealership and follow you through the new activity can be a challenging obstacle; that’s why the mortality of the new startup businesses is very high. With the help of our experience, in-house training and continuous support and advice as well as the supply of the latest equipment and products available on the market, Mosquito Busters will make you a professional mosquito pest controller.

Marketing and sales skills are also an advantage for our new affiliates, but they are not mandatory thanks to our extensive marketing program. Other essential ingredients of an owner of our successful Mosquito Buster dealer include:

  • The desire to start your own business, work outdoors and being your own employer.
  • Strong completion skills in implementing the necessary marketing campaigns.
  • Availability to understand and follow a sales process.
  • The ability to educate and manage sales and installation personnel.

Knowing more about our opportunities is easy!

Our Strenght

Why is our opportunity so attractive?

  • Low initial investment – Mosquito Busters is an affordable business opportunity since the total initial capital of € 15,000 includes the entry fee for an exclusive area, a three-day preparation course and an equipment package worth € 10,000. A portion of the investment is also reinvested in a very effective marketing campaign that will give your business great exposure in your exclusive area and will kick start your sales.
  • Annual residual income growth – A key advantage is the ongoing revenue stream resulting from the repetition of the barrier treatment services and the annual maintenance of the automatic misting systems. This “income” significantly increases revenues once a customer base has been established, making it one of the best business opportunities with guaranteed profits that gradually increases over time. As a Mosquito Buster you’ll provide a valuable service and unbeatable convenience for your customers while ensuring a continuous revenue stream for your business!
  • The Mozguard MB21 Outdoor Misting System: Only our dealers have access to the system! – which is exclusively developed and produced by Mosquito Busters thanks to our long experience in the industry – at a very competitive price
  • Quick start – In most cases you can already start your business within 30 days.
  • Experienced support staff – You can count on unrivaled support from a professional, attentive and passionate staff in all the key disciplines you need. Their proven lead generation and marketing experience has led to customer acquisition, sales and support skills and technical knowledge of new franchise owners.
  • Marketing knowledge and MB corporate initiatives initiatives – Demographic data and effective marketing tools are part of the system. The exceptional branding corporate initiatives, such as public relations and social media strategies, are a key part of the Mosquito Busters offer.
  • Wide range of marketing tools From business cards to brochures, from advertising to direct mail, Mosquito Busters has created high-impact marketing materials to grow your business. If you need to create a tailored communication, our internal marketing team will do the job!

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